Total English Placement Test. Part A

1. _________ name is Robert.
Me I My
2. They ________ from Spain.
is are do
3. _______ are you from?
What Who Where
4. What do you do? I'm _____ student.
they a the
5. Peter _______ at seven o'clock.
goes up gets gets up
6. ________ you like this DVD?
Are Have Do
7. We ______ live in a flat.
don't hasn't doesn't
8. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, _______
Saturday Tuesday Monday
9. _______ he play tennis?
Where Does Do
10. Have you _____ a car?
any have got
11. We don't have _______ butter.
a any got
12. ________ some money here.
There're There There's
13. We _______ got a garage.
haven't hasn't don't
14. Those shoes are very ______.
expensive a lot cost
15. Have you got a pen? Yes, I _______ .
am have got
16. It is a busy, _____ city.
traffic quite noisy
17. They ______ at home yesterday.
was are were
18. I ________ there for a long time.
lived living live
19. He didn't _______ glasses.
put wear take
20. The restaurant was ______ busy.
very a lot many
21. Do you like the red ______?
it that one
22. He _______ to Brazil on business.
go goed went
23. Yesterday was the _______ of April.
third three day three
24. She's got _____ hair.
dark, long long and dark long, dark
25. I ______ play football at the weekend.
usually use usual
26. I ______ in an armchair at the moment.
sitting 'm sitting sit
27. My brother is older ______ me.
then that than
28. Their car is ______ biggest on the road.
than this the
29. It's the ______ interesting of his films.
more much most
30. The phone's ringing: ______ answer it.
I'll I will
31. Do you ______ classical or rock music?
rather prefer more
32. He has ______ breakfast.
ate eaten eat
33. The ______ have seen it before.
childs child children
34. I've never met an actor _____.
before already after
35. ______ is very good exercise.
Swim To swim Swimming
36. Have you _____ been on a winter sports holiday?
always ever soon
37. I can't ______ another language.
speaking speak to speak
38. They ______ pay for the tickets.
haven't to don't have don't have to
39. _______ old is their car?
What When How
40. Are you _____ for one or two weeks?
staying stayed stay
41. Stephen ______ to visit his parents.
will going is going
42. I don't ______ getting up early.
not like want enjoy
43. We ______ like to see the mountains.
would will are
44. They ______ ever check their emails.
hard harder hardly
45. They won't come, ________ they?
will not would will
46. He ______ know how to spell it.
doesn't hasn't don't
47. Carla _____ to the radio all morning.
listening heard listened
48. They _____ come to the cinema with us.
doesn't not didn't
49. I like this song. _____ do I.
Either So Neither
50. We _______ them at eight o'clock.
meet 're meet 're meeting